Bed Bugs

Bed bugs in your home? Stay safe with pest control in Kelowna!

It’s evident that healthy sleeping can be the most pleasant part after a long day. What if instead of a relaxing time you’ve been fidgeting and scratching all night? In the morning your body is itching and you can spot little red marks on skin, that get worse with time. Unfortunately, your bad itching issue can be caused by bed bugs that have become a real menace in Kelowna in 2018. Local housekeepers try hard to get rid of these tiny parasites and their numerous nests.

However, the only workable solution to exterminate bed bugs is to contact a pest control company in Kelowna. Pest control in West Kelowna will evaluate your home infestation, help you find those bed bugs’ dwelling places and provide the most effective and quick ways to eliminate them. Here are some facts to know about bed bugs and the best ways to get rid of them.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects of chestnut color. You can mix them with small dark spots on your bed linen, carpets or clothes. They are blood-sucking parasites that prefer to feed on humans or animals. That’s why severe itching without experiencing any recent allergic reaction is the most vivid sign that you, your family members or pets have become a victim of a tiny bed bug.

These nasty insects are, by words of the pest control company in Kelowna, rather common for British Columbia. However, this year the numerous requests to exterminate those parasites come mostly from Kelowna area.

Where bed bugs can be found in the house?

Professionals providing pest control services in West Kelowna recommend to check bed bugs firstly in bed linen, on carpets, sofas and cushioned chairs. Those insects can be brought home on clothes or clinging on your dog or cat if they can go in and out of the house freely. So, double check all the clothes, especially if you have been recently on vacation or on business trip. If your pet scratches, examine its skin on red marks from bed bugs and exclude fleas. Parasites can also get home with some infested used things as rugs or pieces of furniture.

What are the workable methods to clean your home from bed bugs?

The pest control company in West Kelowna strives to distract bed bugs quickly and efficiently. Chemical treatment to fight bed bugs can easily cause an allergic reaction. This method is not used as a part of pest control services in Kelowna, especially in sleeping areas as bedrooms or couches. Chemical treatment also fails while trying to eliminate piles of bug eggs that are hidden deep in furniture padding or inside mattresses.

The only effective way to exterminate bed bugs used by the pest control in Kelowna is heat treatment. This method is absolutely friendly to humans and pets and a real disaster for bed bugs. It allows to definitely get rid of all bed bugs in all house areas without causing any harm to your health or costly pieces of furniture. A pest control professional directs heat and regulates temperature while cleaning infested areas of your home. Call pest control company in West Kelowna today to make sure your Kelowna house or apartment are pest-free.

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